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According to Aristophanes in Plato's The Banquet, in the ancient world of legend there were three types of people. 
In ancient times people weren't simply male or female, but one of three types : male/male, male/female or female/female. In other words, each person was made out of the components of two people. Everyone was happy with this arrangement and never really gave it much thought. But then God took a knife and cut everyone in half, right down the middle. So after that the world was divided just into male and female, the upshot being that people spend their time running around trying to locate their missing half.

There's a ghost in my living room
In silent sets, moving through
The attic in chemicals
Dissolve in two

There's a flaw in my chemistry
The chills swells and follows me
In choirs of cold machines
And they're smoking skin

These bones reside within
The cracks full of medicine
The distant hums that bloom as we run
No way to displace

In broken light
The cold night?
A curse?

Leaving all their ghosts behind

Evening dust

But what else can we do when we're so weak? We invest hours each day, months each year, years each lifetime in something over which we have no control; it is any wonder then, that we are reduced to creating ingenious but bizarre liturgies designed to give us the illusion that we are powerful after all, just as every other primitive community has done when faced with a deep and apparently impenetrable mystery?


May. 18th, 2010

Love is one of the hardest words to say and one of the easiest to hear, a
nd explaining it lies somewhere in between. One can "love" a book, a pet, or another person. Seemingly all of those types of love are very different, however I would like to propose that they are indeed extremely similar and that love itself is a universal feeling no matter the subject.

Reading a book one loves creates a connection with the story that relates to your own life. Understanding the author or hero brings us joy and comfort, knowing someone else out there feels the same way we do. When one loves a pet, they love the connection that animal displays to its owner, even if it's just anthropomorphic. Fetching the morning paper, licking your face, or laying by your side are all signs of devotion. The animal most likely associates you as someone that provides food and security, thus a symbiotic relationship forms between the two. Most of us realize this but don't mind as long as it feels good.

When one loves another human being, it becomes much more complicated. You can love a wife, a mother, or a friend with seemingly different levels of emotion. But is it actually different? Our developed brains use reason to ask questions and look for answers. We have the ability to look for meaning in the Universe, but ultimately we fail, which leaves us frustrated, confused, and alone. However, we are social creatures and therefore we find solace and comfort in two forms through the love of others and through the creative arts. We look to others (a wife, a mother, a friend, or an author/artist) to trust in and rely on, creating a connection or feeling of completeness.

We search for love in its many forms so as not to be alone in the meaningless, absurdity of it all. Take the Universe for instance - its the Mother of all mothers and the most beautiful, grandest creation ever. I can barely fathom what I know about it, and realize there are so many things I'm not even aware that exist within it!
Therefore I love the very thing that makes me feel alone in the first place. A Catch-22 of sorts, which by the way, is a book I love.

There are no correct answers, only complementary oppositions. People always argue one side of the coin, but forget that the coin wouldn't exist without the other side. To clarify, they are both part of a greater whole. One cannot define black without white, male without female, happiness without sadness. Understanding one means that there needs to be an opposite to define it by. Therefore they are interdependent and need each other to exist.
Things get trickier with the mention of God and the advancements of technology. Heaven and Hell, life and death, and reality itself. This is where logic can be used to deduce a thoughtful response - just falsify it. Taken from Wikipedia (since it sounds more eloquent than myself), falsifiability is the logical possibility that an assertion can be shown false by an observation or a physical experiment. That something is "falsifiable" does not mean it is false; rather, that if it is false, then this can be shown by observation or experiment. A religious person may believe God exists and a quantum physicist may claim that there are infinite realities existing at the same time. Both cannot be falsified, therefore both cannot be proven false (or true for that matter). 
From an evolutionary standpoint, humans evolved from apes, most closely related to chimpanzees and bonobos. Chimps are known to be violent and aggressive, while bonobos alleviate tension in groups by showing love or by having sex. Humans have seemingly adapted both traits and are capable of both altruistic behavior and violent wars. People have always theorized and thought ideologically about how to improve humanity. Wishing for world peace or eternal happiness are both wonderful ideas, but due to many variables these are unlikely to happen. In the end, morality itself is a man-made invention. 
We can only define happiness because we know what sadness is. To get rid of sadness would be to get rid of happiness as well. If this is true, then one should embrace sadness in order to experience happiness. You can relate this to any emotion or experience you've ever had. So the best option in life is to do what you believe in and let others do the same, because you aren't right or wrong, just different. In the words of Nietzsche: You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

Eugene V. Debs was a good man.


Wisdom does not come with age automatically, but more accurately comes about with an accumulation of experiences. Age is an inevitability whereas experiences are infinitely acquired or missed. Obviously as people grow up they experience many things - riding a bike, tasting chocolate ice cream, visiting a foreign country, falling in love - the list goes on and on. Until someone reflects on these experiences and what value it holds to the self, they have only gained knowledge, not wisdom. Knowledge is then just the information gathered throughout one's lifetime through had experiences. 
The world is full of knowledgeable people - auto mechanics, doctors, and academic professors are just a few specialized groups with an acquired set of information and skills that we trust and rely on to help society function properly. Being a knowledgeable mechanic, doctor, or professor does not necessarily make one wise. Wisdom goes further to explore deeper questions and what they mean to the individual, as well as the greater sphere of human life (or even the Universe). The more interested in a topic one gets, the more they research and seek out information (ie, the more knowledgeable
one becomes). When that person finally realizes that the deeper he searches for answers, the more questions he finds in its place, something new has blossomed. 
Wisdom begins here, when the individual embraces the notion that he actually knows very little. Therefore wisdom does not rely on age, but tends to come later in life when the individual has had enough experiences and time to reflect on the mysteries of space, time, and the human spirit. This explains the classic description of how we envision wise people - they are old yet childlike, talk profound yet simply, and even sometimes reply with another question answering nothing at all. Wise people embrace the absurdity of the Universe and its inability to provide answers (in regards to humans making any sense of it at least).
We are floating through space on a giant rock without a road map.
So just sit back and enjoy the ride.
 Are you waiting for me? at the end of the airport I'm off buying our tickets auteur in hibernation but I'm feeling impatient
We were late for departure
And the smell of pajamas 
Is what makes me feel frivol 
There are minutes for sleeping
But we didn't have minutes to spare
So you're feeling sleepy
Sympathize with the retard
Being held by his mother
She's got spit in her napkin
And she's pushing him that way
Like the stench through the men's room

And it's making you nauseous
Where the hell have I got to?
There's a boy who's a Krishna
And he thinks you look pretty
Well, he's eyeing your stockings
He's got books to help you with your life

But there's no need to worry
This is just a vacation
It's not permanent leaving
Every kid gets excited
When his parents are yelling
They ordered a Lincoln
And they received a compact
And there's fat nuns and tenors
Who are blocking departure

Till I'm birthed from their vulvas
And I kiss you and hug you
Do you remember our forfeits? & you shout at the platform Here we come mister airplane
Please, Please, Please, Please
Try, Try, Try to enjoy your roots
Have some fun

Oct. 7th, 2009

Rubber Wings
Tangled strings
choke the victim
Lives on sand
Craves the ocean
Two that look
want to see the same Thing 

Some will pass
and some will stay
All content 
to live that way

Stick your arm inside the mirror
Crawl back into bed
Take a swim inside the mirror

Some are things I can't understand,
like who is the hood and who is the victim
What is sand?
What is the ocean?
Cause, what I see cant be the same thing.

Crawl back into bed
Take a swim inside the mirror
Collapse inside the barrel.
Roll down the hill
There's nails inside the barrel.
These walls are awful narrow
Impaled on carpet's arrow



I caught you in you eye
That disconnected trouble
Respect the hive
It seems like days since you rejected
Your mom and I
We'll hope you dance to your bad weather
Young love is fine
Just please respect
The candles as they lie

I know that we'll decide
You wonder why it can't stay simple
Your mom and I
To pet your head
And dress your letters
Don't worry about why
And split your head
And sleep unmolded
Young love is blind
Just please respect the candles in a line